album releases
8/05 BIG BLACK CLOUD - Lessons in Fuck You 2
8/12 RABBITS - Untoward
8/19 PALLBEARER - Foundations of Burden
8/26 OPETH - Pale Communion
8/26 BLACKWOLFGOAT - Drone Maintenence
9/02 YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend
portland shows
8/02 graves at sea, primitive man, bastard feast, hexis
8/02 big black cloud, towers, toim, a volcano
8/05 he whose ox is gored, muscle & marrow, chasma
8/08 prizehog, same sex dictator, valkyrie rodeo
8/15 stoneburner, hungers, sol
8/16 rabbits, honduran, diesto, towers
8/17 drunk dad, sloths, more hell, the gout
8/18 boris, marriages, master musicians of bukkake
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other shit