album releases
4/19 THE BLACK ANGELS - Clear Lake Forest
4/22 HOT VICTORY - Hot Victory
4/25 FLOOR - Oblation
5/06 DWELLERS - Pagan Fruit
5/13 AGALLOCH - The Serpent and The Sphere
5/20 TWEAK BIRD - Any Ol' Way
5/30 1000MODS - Vultures
portland shows
4/24 eyehategod, stoneburner, sioux, dead by dawn
4/25 red fang, lord dying, norska, black pussy + more
4/26 yob, black cobra, diesto, drunk dad, honduran
4/29 mastodon, gojira, kvelertak
5/02 prizehog, big black cloud, towers
5/03 c average, lord dying, vanguard, zirakzigil
I've been spending my time over yonder lately. You can also reach me via email.
other shit